Antelope Hunting in Wyoming at the Moore Ranch!

Hunters from around the world come to Wyoming for the best Antelope hunts in the west, Our 5 day Archery Antelope hunts take place in prime Antelope country in a variety of different landscapes. You will be hunting out of ground blinds on waterholes adjacent to windmills and solar wells. You can expect shots anywhere from 10 yards to 25 yards. Your Antelope hunt starts when we take you to a blind in the morning, we check on you through binoculars every couple hours, and have developed a system were you will hang a “flag” to alert us to a success, then we will come and pick you up and help you with the animal. We also have many blinds available that you can drive to yourself. If you book as a group of family or friends, you will have the Moore Ranch exclusively to yourselves for the Archery Antelope hunt. We are after Pope an young class antelope. All hunts will be done within short driving distance from our beautiful cabin and we will send a packed lunch with you each day. The Rifle Antelope Hunts on the Moore Ranch are simply excellent, you will see hundreds of antelope every day. Guided Antelope Hunts usually average 60 to 120 Antelope bucks a day to glass and judge. We will be hunting trophy Antelope, looking for 13 inches in length or more, scores up to 80 inches. Amazing food, hospitality, beautiful scenery, relaxing atmosphere, and best of all, tons of Antelope, will keep you coming back to the Moore Ranch year after year.

* We have Had 100% draw success for the Antelope Hunt Unit 29 

*All Antelope Hunts will include home cooked meals and comfortable lodging in our beautiful cabin.

Non resident license fees: Adult $286 Youth $124

The application deadline for Deer and Antelope licenses is March 15, However there is a usually a large number of leftover tags made available around the first of July. So if you miss the deadline there is still an opportunity to get a license.

All hunters are required to have a conservation stamp $12.50 They will be available at the ranch when you arrive at camp.

All archery hunters are required to have a Archery License $30, These can be purchased through an authorized selling agent, or if previous arrangements are made we can purchase the license for you and have it available at the ranch when you arrive.

Antelope Hunts

5 Day Trophy Archery Antelope Hunt Unit 29 Type 1 license $2000 Deposit $800 

*We are after Pope and Young Antelope, at the very least!!

Trophy Rifle Antelope Hunt Unit 29 Type 1 license $1800 Deposit $800

*Minimum of 13 inches and at least 72 inch score for all trophy Antelope Rifle Hunts

The total balance of the hunt is due upon arrival.


Unit 29 Wyoming Antelope Archery Hunting Season is Aug 15 to Sept 30

Unit 29 Wyoming Antelope Rifle Hunting Season is Oct 1st to Oct 15

We have maintained 100% success rates on our rifle hunts, due to our commitment to manage our wildlife at the highest standards possible, and Limiting the amount of hunters we take each year. Come out to the Moore Ranch for a truly great hunting experience.

The deposit payment can be paid by a personal check , money order, or certified check, however the balance of the hunt must be paid in cash, money order, or certified check.

Note: Deposits are only refunded if you are unsuccessful drawing a Wyoming license. We will not refund deposits due to cancellations. Price does not include transportation to the ranch, licenses, taxidermy, meat processing or caping. 

Contact: Lee Moore 
25 spring Canyon Rd. 
Douglas Wyoming 82633



PHONE: 307-351-6933